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Join or Host a Rock Group!

Life is better together! Small groups are at the very core of who we are at Rock Church.
We believe there is power in discovering your purpose at the intersection of finding Jesus and
connecting with people. Joining a Rock Group fosters a sense
of community and develops friendships that feel like family.

Lots of great groups are getting ready to start the new semester.
Now is the perfect time to get connected!

Our next Rock Group
semester is starting on MARCH 5th.

Find a Rock Group now!


Need more help?

Check out these common questions below or email us at [email protected]asheville.com for more info.

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What happens at a Rock Group meeting?2020-10-09T17:11:00-04:00

Every small group meeting looks different from the others. It’s friends connecting over breakfast, families enjoying dinner together, interest groups meeting up for fun and fellowship and often groups studying a specific book or curriculum together. A Rock Group is simply a small gathering of people who are connecting through a common interest to engage in prayer, study of the Bible and growing in their relationships with Jesus and each other. Each group is unique and there’s always a host ready for you to join the fun!

What will my group study?2020-10-09T17:11:32-04:00

Several times a year we host church-wide curriculum studies in which all groups participate simultaneously. Other times, small group hosts choose to follow a book study they’ve chosen with their co-host or group.  Seasonally, we also offer interest-specific classes on topics like parenting kingdom kids or understanding the basics of the Christian faith. 

Where and when do Rock groups meet?2020-10-09T17:12:31-04:00

Groups meet all over our local area in homes, restaurants, coffee shops and even on our church campus. Each small group meets at different times and on various days throughout the week. Most groups meet twice a month, but some meet every week. For specific details on the days, times and locations of each group, check out our Groups Page.

How long will a typical Rock Group stay together?2020-10-09T17:13:07-04:00

Most small groups will meet for a semester (three months). This provides easy opportunities for new people to join groups throughout the year. Sometimes groups will stay together for consecutive semesters while still remaining open to new members joining anytime. Find a small group that works for you and always feel free to try other classes or groups when new semesters or curriculum begins.

Is childcare available?2021-03-11T18:25:43-05:00

Childcare options vary from group to group. Family groups often have their children with them in the group, share the responsibility of watching the kids, split the cost of hiring a babysitter or make other arrangements.


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