Rock Youth Packs Food Bags for Sand Hill-Venable Elementary School

Every week for the last couple of years, we help to supply our local school, Sand Hill-Venable elementary, with food bags for underprivileged children whose only chance for food sometimes is during school.  We pack them a variety of snacks to take home with them to ensure they do not go hungry while at home.

This week, our Rock Youth students took some time to prepare and pack hundreds of food bags to provide Sand Hill-Venable.  We love our community, the next generation, and we love to show the love of Jesus in practical ways!  We are here to make Asheville a better place!

If you would live to help this ministry, please consider making a financial contribution on our Give page and choosing “Sand Hill School” from the dropdown box!  We appreciate your generosity!  Thank you to our Endeavor partners!