Positioned for Increase

2 Kings 4:1-7
The widow’s life was blessed because she was positioned for increase and provision that was given by God and spoken by the man of God.


7 Keys to positioning yourself for increase

1 – Look to the Lord for increase

  • The widow made a good decision by turning to God first instead of just trying to work it out on her own
  • Many people turn away from God, away from the man of God, away from the house of God
  • There is a supernatural dimension to the increase of God: factor in God, the anointing, the favor of God
  • The widow turned to God by turning to the man of God; every person needs to be connected to someone who is in touch with God
  • Be connected to a church where God is alive and moving where you are hearing the word of the Lord

2 – Start with what you have

  • God always looks for us to utilize what we already have before he releases increase into our life
  • When Jesus was going to feed the five thousand, he started with what they had
  • God supplies seed for our miracle for our increase
  • Luke 16:10 “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.”
  • Instead of worrying or complaining about what you don’t have, take inventory of what you do have
  • The widow had a little to get started with, but she thought it was nothing
  • God required her to use her little seed to bring forth her increase
  • You already have some oil, some anointing
  • It took some level of faith to start pouring out her last little bit of oil
  • Sometimes you have to release what you have to get what you want

3 – Get a team mentality

  • God connected with other people; learn to work with others
  • The widow worked with her neighbors and her sons; she had some relationships in place
  • You’ll never fulfill your destiny alone; build a team of destiny around yourself
  • Build relationships that work, that can be depended on
  • Become a part of a strong local church; that’s part of becoming a team in God

4 – Position yourself for increase to come

  • Get many vessels, not just a few to position yourself for increase
  • If you want to make more than you make now, you may have to make a move
  • If you want increase in your walk with God, it won’t happen with a casual approach to the word and prayer
  • Get an inner posture ready to receive increase from God

The oil stopped at their capacity to receive it

5 – Take care of what’s happening behind closed doors

  • Shut the door and take care of business
  • Issues concealed behind closed doors cannot handle increase
  • What’s done or what exists in your life in private can make or break you
  • What exists in your life in private will have an impact on your life in public 
  • The real issues of increase always start in private 
  • The increase for the widow was happening behind closed doors before it was brought out into the open
  • The issues of increase start in your inner man

6 – Be willing to work

  • The widow and her sons were busy gathering vessels, pouring oil, and setting full oil containers aside
  • Their work was not a frenzy to try to make something happen; they were working in cooperation with a word from God
  • Get a word from God and then work born out of a word
  • Your first objective is not to get all busy trying to make things happen
  • Get a word from heaven and then get involved in the work of obedience to the word

7 – Determine to manage your increase wisely

  • There was an order that the widow followed: go sell the oil, pay your debt, live on the rest
  • If we cannot manage increase wisely, it will not do us any good
  • Get out of debt so increase is actually increase
  • Learn to manage your increase wisely instead of just recreating your former debt or spending habits on a higher level
  • Get right with God, with people, and with His church
  • God wants to take the seed that you think is nothing and put His increase on it


Facilitating Discussion

  1. What do you have in your hand that is a seed for future increase?
  2. How can you work to position yourself to receive the increase that God intends for your life?