Dig Another Well Part 2


This message is a continuation of Dig Another Well (August 7, 2022) in Pastor Kirk’s Life Lessons series.

Genesis 26

Isaac flourishes in a time of famine. Despite circumstances, Isaac operated under God’s provision and covenant. Isaac prospered because God kept his word to him.


There are always cycles and seasons in life

God’s covenant triumphs over circumstances

We are in the world’s economy but not of the world’s economy

Your wells are key to your flourishing

  • Isaac’s wells were key to his prosperity
  • While everyone else is facing famine due to the outward conditions, Isaac is prospering because his wells enabled him to water his crops
  • The skills or services or goods you bring to the marketplace are the keys to your prosperity
  • Wealth transfer happens through your wells
  • Isaac learned to dig wells from his father Abraham
  • His blessings and prosperity came in his area of knowledge, expertise
  • Everyone else is waiting for it to rain; for something to happen outside of them
  • Wells speak of something beyond dependence on outward circumstances
  • The enemy is doing everything he can to stop up your wells
  • God wants to release significant resources to advance his kingdom
  • God’s covenant + our well = blessing
  • Wells give God something to bless 


Name your wells well

  • Genesis 26:18-22 Isaac named his wells “Contention,” “Enmity,” “Wide open spaces”
  • When you name your wells, you name your world
  • Your well is not you; you have to name it outside of you
  • Some people lose a well and take on the name of “Loser”
  • Just because your well failed does not make you a failure
  • Don’t take on the identity of a failed well, a stopped-up well, a fought-over well
  • Let God’s word define you and your world
  • Isaac had to deal with enmity and contention but he turns away from them
  • Don’t get hung up on fighting over wells
  • Walk away from the wells of contention and dig another well


Dig another well

  • Isaac’s story is: keep digging wells
  • Give it another go; don’t stop at one stopped-up well
  • God is looking to bless a “Rehoboth” for you


Build an altar, pitch a tent, dig a well

  • Genesis 26:25; Isaac built an altar, pitched a tent, and dug a well (in that order)
    • Build an altar: God
    • Pitched a tent: family
    • Dug a well: wealth transfer


Facilitating Discussion

  1. What wells do you need to rename? Which wells do you need to walk away from?
  2. Are there opportunities in your life to dig another well?