Baptized Into the Body of Christ

Hebrews 6:1-3 

Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment. And this will we do, if God permit.


Baptismos: literally means immersion; all in

Your greatest life doesn’t require more than you have, but it does require the best that you have


Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men

  • Whole-hearted is an ingredient that makes life work best
  • Something powerful happens when we pour our whole heart into things
  • When you love something, you treat it differently
  • You’ll never do anything great just seeking the minimum


Revelation 3:15-16 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish that you were cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth

  • Hot or cold – extreme vs. Lukewarm – mediocre, average, beige
  • There is a religious idea that would want to tend people toward a tepid, mediocre, bland, lukewarm life
  • Many people want God’s best but want it on a “half-off” sale, but in reality, greatness will actually cost you something


1 Corinthians 12:13 For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit.

  • Salvation is not just an isolated experience; we are actually joined to something bigger than ourselves
  • We are baptized into a worldwide family – the Church
  • God wants to also baptize you into a local body of believers
  • Church is not a meeting you attend, it’s a life you share


Ephesians 4:16 from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love

  • The most valuable people on the planet are those who are connected to God and connected to people
  • When the supply of God flows through a connection –a joining takes place
  • Once God touches someone through you or you are touched by God through someone
  • Together – we become a dwelling place of the presence of God
  • Division is one of the devil’s greatest tools; unity is one of God’s favorite environments


Facilitating Discussion

  1. Are you fully immersed into the body of Christ? 
  2. How does that impact your commitment to the local church?