Our vision directs us, but our values describe us. They are the culture of our church and our people. We believe you will sense these ten core values in almost everything we do

We value pleasing and honoring God.

Value 1 – We love to stay connected to heaven through prayer and worship.

Value 2 – Relationships matter – a lot!

Value 3 – God wants people to succeed in life. We want to help.

Value 4 – Excellence inspires people and glorifies God.

Value 5 – We are life-giving – not legalistic.

Value 6 – Generosity is our flow. Think “river” – not “pie.”

Value 7 – We are fishing in the ocean – not maintaining an aquarium.

Value 8 – We love leaders & leadership. God so loved the world that He did not send a committee.

Value 9 – We love the next generation, and we value the previous generations.

Value 10 – We embrace people just like they are. Then we help them grow into all they can be.