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Mikaela Bennett

I was initially invited to the Rock by a close friend of mine in the summer of 2012. It was a time in my life where I had no direction, little faith, and quite frankly, was only existing. I was raised in a Christian home, but had never found relationship with the Lord on my own. Being invited to the Rock opened that door for me and allowed me to receive salvation, make connections, and find a family I otherwise wouldn’t have known. The past ten years have been significantly changed for the better due to the constant of church in my life. Even through the hardest circumstances I have chosen to keep the Church a priority, because my soul knows the power it holds. I lost my mother a year ago and through this family and firm foundation I have been able to grieve well and stay close to the Lord. I encourage you all to invite, say yes to invitation, and begin a transformation beyond what could possibly imagine.


Chiara Parthe

Jared and I came from different church backgrounds. I grew up Catholic while Jared didn’t really attend church growing up. We were at a point in our lives where we felt like God was pulling us towards joining a church. At this point, we both knew we believed in God but didn’t really have a relationship with Him. We decided that we were going to join a church. Jaclyn, a coworker of mine at the time, invited Jared and me to come to The Rock Church. The moment we drove into the parking lot we already knew this place was different. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. We were completely blown away with the presence of God in the building. From worship to PK’s message, we felt so close to Him. For about a year we ghost attended. Sometimes we missed a service. But we were definitely the couple that ran in and ran out. It wasn’t until Jaclyn reached out about Starting Point when we really planted our seeds in The Rock. We joined a small Rock Group and started volunteering. Now we have been attending The Rock for about 4 years. And we are so incredibly thankful for the blessing that is The Rock Church. In those 4 years, our faith has grown so much. We have met people that mean so much to us. Pastor Kirk and Pastor Suzette’s leadership has helped us in many tough seasons. But most importantly The Rock Church has brought us to the feet of Jesus. It’s where we learned the true meaning of grace and just trusting that God is indeed for you. The Rock is very special to us; it’s our family. We know that no matter what we face or what season we are in, we have a family we can lean on, pray with, and continue to praise God with. So if you are looking for something that is more than an hour blocked off on your Sunday schedule, come to The Rock. God is in these walls, in the hearts of the souls here, and He is ready for you to step into His church.


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