Keeping Your Spirit Alive

Luke 2:25-38

Simeon and Anna saw Jesus for who he really was. They came to the temple looking for something that God was doing. They weren’t just looking with their natural eyes; they were looking with spiritual eyes for the consolation of Israel. They were able to recognize what God was doing because their spirits were alive.


Practical things that kept Anna’s spirit alive

She let her difficulties push her closer to God

  • The loss of her husband catapulted Anna closer to the Lord
  • Pain is a part of life on this planet; we’ve all experienced loss or pain this year
  • Difficulties of life can either be a catalyst for drawing near to the Lord or pushing us away from him
  • Instead of asking “Why God?” ask “What God, are you teaching me in this?”
  • These difficulties are breaking our reliance on the flesh, our natural strength
  • In the school of difficulties, we can learn to deal with life from out of our spirit
  • Both God and the devil have an agenda in your pain; the devil, destruction but God, redemption


She was devoted to the house of God

  • Luke 2:37 “and then as a widow to the age of eighty-four. And she never left the temple, serving night and day with fastings and prayers.”
  • The church is God’s creation; not an institution or organization of man 
  • Consistently wrapping your life around the church is one of the best ways to stay in the spirit
  • Don’t just go to church: drink it all in: worship, atmosphere, preaching, teaching, love, faith, hope, positivity, encouragement
  • Get to church on time, worship with all your heart, engage with the message, hang out and connect with people
  • Attach your heart to the house of God

She had a servant’s heart

  • Anna served night and day with fastings and prayer; serving will help keep you in the spirit because it’s always lifting you out of yourself
  • The flesh wants to be served; serving will keep you in the spirit
  • Anna was serving a purpose larger than her own personal convenience
  • If you want to live a great life, you have to give your life to great things
  • Anna’s relationship with God resulted in service to God
  • Ask this question: “Lord, what do you want me to do that will serve your purpose?”


She had a strong prayer life

  • Prayer: a commitment that you put into place where you seek God out
  • When we pray we’re taking things out of the natural and bringing them to the spiritual playing field
  • Deal with everything in our world from our prayer closet
  • Get the spiritual perspective and view the circumstances of life from a whole different angle 


She had a thankful heart

  • We are in our healthiest state of mind, spirit and emotions when we have a thankful attitude
  • An attitude of thanksgiving is the proper vantage point from which we can view all of life
  • Thanksgiving makes you locate the positives in your life 
  • Positivity and gratitude to God is a choice


Facilitating Discussion

  1. How can you recognize when you are living out of your spirit vs. your flesh?
  2. What ways are you actively practicing these principles that Anna demonstrated in Luke 2?